Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Onrez and XStreetSL and Lindens Oh My

I'm sure the news has been filtering around here and there in the SL fashionosphere. Onrez and XStreetSL have been bought by Linden Lab and are being merged. Onrez is being closed and everything is being migrated to Xstreet.

From the SL Blog:

"OnRez will remain active until Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 to allow the current OnRez users to migrate their accounts and listings over to Xstreet. During this time, people are free to continue to make purchases and use OnRez just as they have prior to this announcement, however, we recommend that instead, they begin learning Xstreet and supplying us with feedback if it is missing features which they enjoyed with OnRez. Once we have reached the end of this period, we will shut down the OnRez marketplace and fully concentrate on Xstreet."

I loved Onrez and will really miss it, but the important thing right now is for us designers who have our stuff exclusively on Onrez to start moving over!

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