Monday, March 3, 2008

Dark Eden Girl February: Solange Korobase

Congratulations to Solange Korobase, our newest Dark Eden Girl! She has entered before and come close to pulling it off, this time she made it! The Erebus Set never looked so good.

This also means we are officially accepting entries for March. Let me say a few quick things about entries now. First, Solange is proof that we allow you to keep entering until you win. Second, we have been playing with the rules a bit lately and ask you to submit your entries in the following way:

  • Take a screenshot of yourself in world.
  • Write up a notecard describing all the clothes, skin, hair, etc you are wearing and where they are from.
  • Attach the screenshot to the notecard (just drag and drop it in!)
  • Send the notecard to Alexander Stygian.
Its just that simple. I know its a bit of an extra complication but I think its worth it.

Congratulations to you again Solange! You earned it!

1 comment:

Solange said...

Dearest Etain!

Thank you for the great blog entry. This title had been an itch in the back of my pixel head since my newbie days eight months back, in fact since you told me I was this close to making it.

Not that I don't think it's about damn time, considering how many friends left me running (to DE shop) after they'd seen me in the straps. I'd so love to prance and lord it now in my fab prizes (wow. thanks. they got me onto a cross like in milliseconds) but I need a crown, Etain. A crown of thorns, maybe, to impress the bejesus of the beholders.

Devotedly yours
An ecstatic Solange