Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mashup Madness: Circe Timtam

I've been meaning to get this mashup out for a few days now. The picture above is of Circe Timtam of Timtam and Rust. She's also one of our lovely Dark Eden dancers that puts the sizzle in our Dark Eden Girl parties. Thankfully she showed up early at the last party and I had a chance to snap some pics of the wonderful little 'stripper' outfit she put together. It struck me as a very sexy kinky and fun post apoc neko style outfit, and I thought I would share the look with the SL world.

As you can see there's all sorts of odd attachments that one normally wouldn't think of when dressing up for a night as a sexy dancer, but it all works, in my mind, much more than a lot of supposedly sexier outfits have.

Here's the obligatory list o stuff:

Skin: TaP Vivant Almond Feline 1 from Tete a Pied (now called Fleur Skins)
Penelo Hair in Black Punk from Devious Kitties

Right Gauntlet & Upper Arm L bands from the Lilith Mega Set at Dark Eden

Chain 'em Up Boots fromCats 'n Neos
Unmentionables (bra & panty sets) from Gritty Kitty
Nezumi Belt from Electro Kitty
Mismatched Old Socks in Rainbow Purple from Canimal
Tuna Holster from Catnip
Candy Necklace from Kru's Boutique
Hybrid Identity Ring - Neko F (necklace) from Hybrid

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