Saturday, May 21, 2011

SexGen Comforter Beds Re-release

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I've re-released my Comforter Bed series in my store and also on the Marketplace! When originally released they were 2995L, but now the price has plunged down to a jaw dropping 495L for all that SexGen goodness! They are full sculptie beds with baked on shadowing, complete with beautiful detailed comforters all done in a tattered, grunged out style. The beds are available in two formats: Full SexGen courtesy of Stroker Serpentine, for 495L, or a bare unanimated version for 275L for those who like the look and want to use their own animations.

The SexGen beds are custom designed by me and fully scripted by Mr. Serpentine. The beds include 600 animations, multiple speeds, adjustable poses, and many other features intended to stimulate you in all the right ways. All our beds also include a lifetime warranty.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lexa Raids the Future

Getting into the spirit of the 2010 Future is Now event, we took a trip through the event and the lovely and ravishing Lexa put together a spectacular futuristic outfit with some of the cool and interesting things she found there, along with some old favorites from Dark Eden.

Here's what she's wearing:

Skin - Belleza - Alyson Tan (group Gift)
Tattoo - *Etchd* - Succubus
Eyes - Shine Lustrous Aruba
Hair Jewelry - AVZ (part of the Twisted Doll set)
Arm & Leg Bands - Dark Eden Lilith Set
Visor - Dark Eden Smart Visor
Collar - Nomine (part of the Assassin set)
Dress & Wings - AZUL Mila/Black
Hair - Exile Laya in scarlett
Boots - Dark Eden Harajuku Stomps black

The standout piece of the outfit, possibly hard to see, is the amazing eyelashes that are part of the Laya hair from Exile. They include a high tech glowy feature that you really must see in person to get the full effect. Its worth checking out if you have time.

Lexa took the collar from Nomine's Assassin set to complement stunning and sexy Mila outit from AZUL. I think they look really good together almost like they were made for each other.

There are a few Dark Eden doodads thrown in for good measure and I think they complete the outfit well if I do say so myself. This outfit uses some of my own favorites from my boots, the Harajuku's and takes them in a high tech direction and uses my beloved smartvisor in a new avante garde, sort of vaguely lady gaga kind of way.

Hope you like the outfit and get a chance to catch the event while you still can! We had a blast!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rampage Boots and Knit Leggings

I have two new products for you all, Rampage Boots and Knit Leggings! They are detailed below.

These are sexy sculpted boots with pulled down legwarmer socks with a rusted out steel toe. The knit legwarmers come in 12 colors, which you can switch with a menu which appears when you touch them. You can change the legwarmers colors independentaly, allowing you to mix and match as desired. The Rampage Boots come in 7 boot colors which sell for 200L each or 700L for all seven. Enjoy!

I've done up a dirty, ripped and torn set of knit leggings called, well... Knit Leggings! They come in eight color options, include sock, underpants and pants layers to help coordinate with other items, and include prim upper leg rolls.

They sell for 100L per color pack or 400L for the mega set! Enjoy.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comfort Grunge Living Room Sets

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At Dark Eden Living, we've released our newest living room set, made to work with both the Worn and Comforter beds. The set includes worn down, grunged up couch and chair set built for comfort and relaxation. It includes a glass top dark wood table and nightstand and a pretty snazzy one prim lamp with three light settings.

The couch uses a menu driven seating system with two positions and four animations to pick from in each seat.

The chair has five animations in its one sitting position.

The set comes in 11 color options available at Dark Eden Living in Molymar.

Set: 450L
Couch: 250L
Chair: 200L
Table: 75L
Nightstand: 25L
Lamp: 25L

Thursday, December 17, 2009

NEW: Aftermath Microskirts and Belts

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In the Aftermath set, I decided to make the tiniest skirt I possibly could and I think I succeeded. Aftermath is a tiny plaid microskirt with a torn leather fringe underneath. It is held in place by a set of belts and straps and punky buttons. The skirts come in seven colors and each color set includes two attachment points and two sizes. Also, for those who just want the belty parts, I made a belt set and added a guy friendly third size to make it a little more unisex.

The Aftermath Microskirt Sets are 200L, or 700L for the megaset with all seven colors. The Aftermath Belt set is 150L.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lucky Chair Holidays Update

I've updated my Lucky Chairs for the holidays, adding a ton of red and green items and a few white ones snuck in here and there. Check the pics for the various items!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

NEW: Fighter Shirts

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A distressed school / polo type shirt with knit arm bands and collars. This one has been mangled a wee bit and stained with dirt, blood, oil, who knows what? Partially inspired by the Fighters in the anime series Ikki Tousen, its a tough but fun shirt for tough but fun women. The shirt comes in two styles, one very highly cut but decent, one even more highly cut and completely indecent. Each shirt style comes in jacket, shirt and undershirt layers. There are two colors options for the prim arm bands and collars in each pack and the collars come in spine or chest attachment.

The Fighter Shirts come in six colors, Black, Grey, White, Red, Blue and Green. Each set is 100L or the Mega Set is available for 300L.