Saturday, May 21, 2011

SexGen Comforter Beds Re-release

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I've re-released my Comforter Bed series in my store and also on the Marketplace! When originally released they were 2995L, but now the price has plunged down to a jaw dropping 495L for all that SexGen goodness! They are full sculptie beds with baked on shadowing, complete with beautiful detailed comforters all done in a tattered, grunged out style. The beds are available in two formats: Full SexGen courtesy of Stroker Serpentine, for 495L, or a bare unanimated version for 275L for those who like the look and want to use their own animations.

The SexGen beds are custom designed by me and fully scripted by Mr. Serpentine. The beds include 600 animations, multiple speeds, adjustable poses, and many other features intended to stimulate you in all the right ways. All our beds also include a lifetime warranty.