Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New at Dark Eden: Kanji Straps Set

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We are proud to present the Kanji Straps Mega Set, a companion product to our Kanji Skirts. This 17 piece Harajuku-inspired set includes pieces for the arms, legs, feet, neck, belt, and two sizes for the waist and chest. The pieces are done in three kanji style textures designed to work with the Dark Eden Kanji Skirts and includes detailed chain primwork on most pieces to add a little punky edge. Although I doubt many people will literally wear all the pieces of this set at once, it provides a good resource for pieces you can use to punch up other outfits with a little extra flair. I hope you enjoy mixing and matching these pieces with the rest of your wardrobe!

Each color is 200L and a mega mega set is available for 800L.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dark Eden Girl, February 2008

We are proud to announce the Dark Eden Girl Finalists for February '08! This month and for the rest of this year we are experimenting with a new twist on the contest. From now on, the contestants will submit a mashup consisiting of both a screenshot and a notecard detailing their chosen outfit. We're also experimenting with a brand new voting machine provided by the wonderful A2Z Labs. Voting is open, so please visit the store and pick your favorite Dark Eden Girl!

Now without further ado, here are our February Finalists!


Skin- Minnu Tan Dark-Shoot

Shape-Taking Shape-Ash Shape-By Jewell Munro

Eyes-Emortal EyeZ-Green Envy-By Mcooter Graves

Hair-ETD-Brittany-Espresso Burt

Lilith Bodysuit-Dark Eden-Stocking bare

Erebus Gauntlets-Dark Eden

Erebus Nipple Caps-Dark Eden

Erebus Pauldrons-Dark Eden

V's Gauze Front Leather Thong-V's Fetish Forge


Skin - Jadzia Illicit [4D Skin]

Hair - Deviant Kitties, Selos - Black

-- Hybrid v2 Basic Mytic Ears Tan (slightly tinted to skin tone)

Eyes - Artifex Eyeland - Twilight Eyes (Normal) *Note* - I believe this company isn't around anymore.

-- Eyelashes - [DK] Deviant Prim Lashes

Tattoos - Aitui Tattoo, Cherry Blossoms Red (Full Body)

Top - Dark Eden Black Buckles Corset with Black Pasties

Gloves and Pants - B@R Dhampir Knight Lady

Lilith Belt - Black

Lilith Gloves - Black

Lilith Boots - Black

DK Piercings - Mouth Rings & Spikes

SiniStyle 'Hail Mary' Rosary

Weapon - Flame Naginata


Kanji skirt Bloodrage, from Dark Eden.

Skin: Samantha Toffee, from Nora BodySkins & Fashions

Hair: Lily, from Goldielocks

Mechanica earrings and reverse necklace, from Shiny Things

Stylish Fishnet, from Curious Kitties

Fishnet top and stockings with holes, from Dutch Touch (part of the Teppi outfit)


Armor - Erebus Armor Mega Set

Skin - Another Fundraiser Celestine Skin from Muse

Hair - Harlow from Cake

Lashes - Club 7 from Celestial Studio

Good luck to all our Finalists. They are competing for our 2000L monthly prize and the chance to enter the Dark Eden Girl of the Year 2008 contest with a grand prize of 10,000L! The 2007 Girl of the year contest is coming up soon, watch for it!

Friday, February 15, 2008

New from Dark Eden: Shibari Sales Tags

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The Shibari Sales Tags are intended to be a sales tag for human property. Its perfect for the submissive or the submissive's dom who wants to make sure everyone knows they are available and exactly what for. It adds an extra dash of humiliation to a submissive's gear.

The 50L packs come in two color options, black or white nylon, and include collar and wrist cuffs for both hands. They include twelve different kinky sayings: Free Fucktoy, Whore 4 Sale, Pain Slut, Humiliate Me, Use Me, Cum Dumpster, Cum Slut, Anal Slut, Public Slut, Public Property, For Sale, Fucktoy 4 Sale.

This is an idea that's been kicking around in my head for awhile and I am glad to finally get it out and sold. I think they might be pretty popular among a certain set. Before I even had them up, I had my first customer: the lovely Katja Armitage, pet of my friend Ribbon Dye. Isn't she lovely?

If you are trying to buy the shibari tags via onrez and have problems, make sure you are enabled to see mature content.

New from Dark Eden: Edentech Ocular Implants!

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The Edentech Ocular Implant package includes five different cybernetic eye colors. The eye design includes a mechanical background with a humanoid iris in front. Over the iris, a targeting reticle is superimposed in one of five colors: green, blue, orange, red or white. This is perfect for anyone interested in a robotic avatar or who simply wants to add a touch of cyberpunk to their look.

The eyes came about because I was putting together a robotic steampunk avatar for a party and simply couldn't find good cybereyes on the short notice I had. I'm sure they're out there somewhere! Hopefully you will enjoy these eyes as much as I do.

The Edentech Ocular Implants are 50L for five eyes.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Caught in Dark Eden: Sana Dagger

For now I will step out of my role of merchant hawking my wares and play fashionista for a day.

One of the benefits of having a shop in Second Life is the opportunity to meet some really incredible people who will give you money and smile about it. Oftentimes I have seen some people who put together some amazing looks that just blow me away. One such person, Sana Dagger, wandered into the shop yesterday and I was thoughtful enough to snap off some hot pics of her astoundingly gorgeous harajuku style outfit.

Isn't that something? It seems perfect for Harajuku station in Tokyo doesn't it? Well we tried to ask the lovely Sana about where all the pieces were from so we could do one of those proper mashup notes where you list where everything comes from. Unfortunately there was a language barrier. She isn't Japanese, she's actually German! But with perseverence we managed to communicate enough to get a few things out. First the self plugs: The hair is Dark Eden's Midori set, black hair in Black Iron style. The skirt is Dark Eden's Kanji Skirt, Midnight color.

As far as we can tell, the boots, the thigh and arm belts and things are from Sinistyle, I'm not entirely sure. The very pretty shirt, which says 'Drink Milk' over the boobah, comes from Gearshift. Not sure on skin is that Minnu? Those cute gothy pandas, which is the thing we were most interested in, came from a place called Kana-na. Never heard of it? Neither had I!

We had a little shopping trip to go check out the shop where these things came from. This lead us to the wonderful Japanese sim called... get ready for it... Shimokitazawa. Yep, that's pretty damn Japanese. We found the shop, which was actually called Kana-Na and Crazy Rock Style. Along the way we found a very oddly put together mall sim with tunnels going every direction, stores on top of each other, rows of stalls in odd places, and one store that doubled as a nightclub. Very kooky, and a little frustrating if you are looking for anything specific, but great fun if you are in a mood to explore and see what fate brings you.

Everything was fantastic there but I put together a quick picture with some of the highlights:

The top is Blessed Zipped Jumper by Gearshift. It has a great collar which I didn't include because it knocked the skull thingie off. So if you are worried about that gradient around the neck, don't be, its just there because I was lazy!

The hair, Ikemen, only comes in that color from what I could tell, and came from a lovely little hair and skin shop called Shop Seu.

The panda is a slightly different bloodier version of the same panda Sana was wearing, this one is called Dark Panda Bag. It includes two arm bags, two shoulder (backpack) bags, a leg bag and a collar/neck bag.

The picture just doesn't do justice to the gorgeous Lily Bangle from Creamshop. It comes in white, orange and red colorations.

The skull rhinestone comes from the same shop and is a wonderful combination of Bling and Goth in one bizarre package.

For those who want a closer look at these three attachments, I included a blowup shot here:

Well it was fun playing fashionista for the day and I hope this exposes you all to some fun Japanese shops you might not have heard of otherwise! Happy shopping!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New from Dark Eden: Eros Boots

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Happy Valentine's Day from Dark Eden! Mark the day with a pair of stunning ankle boots. They come complete with heart charm on wrap chain dangling at your ankles and a simple, elegant sculpted design.

The boots sell for 150L individually, or for 600L for all eight colors in the mega set.

The Eros Boots will only be available til the end of February so get yours now!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New from Dark Eden: Cephalopod Valentine

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Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and you can dress up for your favorite valentine in this stunning hot pink silk set. Designed with my personal favorite 'cephalopod' or squid design, this set comes with eleven attachments: upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, two collars, large and small loincloths, and bra. This set is very daring and has no modesty layers or glitch layers at all. It is also lockmeister enabled, allowing you to be chained to any lockmeister enabled device.

The set is 200L. This is set as a 'mature' item on onrez, so if it isn't coming up for you, make sure that you are set to view mature items on there.

Give your lover a valentine they'll never forget with the Cephalopod Valentine set.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Absinthe Primrose, Dark Eden Girl Jan 2008

Congratulations to Absinthe Primrose, the latest to proudly wear the title of Dark Eden Girl!

Absinthe beat some stiff competition from the lovely Shay Daviau, Shamina Luan and Mint Ivory. Congratulations as well to all the finalists. We hope to see more entries from you all in the future!

Here is another picture of Absinthe at the Dark Eden Girl party on Feb 2. I was very taken with the beautiful cyborg girl, who would have thought chromed steel could be so sexy!

Friday, February 1, 2008

NEW from Dark Eden: KANJI SKIRTS

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Dark Eden is proud to present our newest product, the Kanji Skirts! These asymmetrical skirts have a fun japanese kanji print originally intended as part of the Sarubobo set. I liked it so much I wanted to give it its own release.

The skirt has a loose knot wrap tie with chains as detail. In front it has a scripted flap including a texture change script. I put in 11 textures for you, at least one appropriate for each of the seven colors and a few extras. If you want to add your own texture to it, just select edit linked parts, drop the texture into contents, and the script will add it into its rotation.

The seven individual sets are 100L each. Most have three variants: Light body, dark trim, dark body light trim, and faded body, dark trim.

The mega set is 400L and includes all 19 skirt variants in one big pack for your convenience.