Monday, November 30, 2009

Dark Eden Living Launches!

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I am extremely proud and excited to be working with Stroker Serpentine on the launch of the new Dark Eden Living line of beds and furniture!

The primary focus of Dark Eden Living is SexGen beds. They are custom designed by me and fully scripted by Mr. Serpentine. The beds include 600 animations, multiple speeds, adjustable poses, and many other features intended to stimulate you in all the right ways. All our beds also include a lifetime warranty. Stroker is the premier name in erotica in SL and has a six year track record of delivering the top sexbeds.

Dark Eden Living's main focus is currently the Worn Line. These are distressed and grunged up beds and bedroom sets intended towards the roleplay / neko crowd. The Worn line includes the SexGen Ultra Worn beds in six color/texture options for 2995L. Rounding out the line are Worn Chairs for 180L, Worn Ottomans for 120L, multiple designs of endtables, nightstands and lamps from 50 – 75L and some flavor paintings for 25L.

Upstairs I have more feminine bed designs. Who wants a macho bed when you can have something for the softer side of kink? Shoji, Lattice and Lattice Flowers SexGen Ultra beds all sell for 2995L. Also available to work with these beds are the Lattice tables for 75L.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

NEW: Crossbones Scarf

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Our latest accessory is a short knit scarf in our usual blend of colors. It comes with a crossbones brooch with an ankh backing, and a sculptie fringe. The scarfs come in chest and spine attachments and in brooch and plain versions.

The Crossbones Scarf sets are 100L per color and 400L for all eight.

Friday, November 13, 2009

NEW: Empress Wedges

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By customer request I created a wedge heeled version of the Empress Boots, good for a more piratey look or just a more solid support than the stiletto heel of the regular Empress Boots.

They're 200L per color or 700L for all seven colors. Enjoy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dark Eden Girl: Blondie Uriza

Congratulations to Blondie Uriza! She is our latest lovely Dark Eden Girl! Look for her picture, up now in the main store in Olive.

This also means that we are on the lookout for four new finalists. So go here and submit your pic now!

Friday, November 6, 2009

NEW: Winter Items!

We've put up a few of our seasonal winter items up for sale at Dark Eden. Scarves, Earmuffs, and scripted Skates are now available for a limited time through the holiday season and sell for 50 to 75 L. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NEW: 13 Tank

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This new high cropped tank top comes in regular and pulled up variants. There are eight color packs available and each sells for 100L. Or you can get the Mega Set that includes all 8 colors for only 400L! Also available separately are new freebie duct tape pasties that complement the top. Enjoy!