Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter at Dark Eden: Bunny Ears and Carrot

Happy Easter!

It really snuck up on me this year, I'm used to it being in April or something right! Well as my favorite pagan fertility ritual (rabbits, eggs, do I have to spell it out people???) masquerading as a christian holiday, I love doing Easter things. Unfortunately this time I only have time to put up the things I did last year.

I hope you enjoy my Fetish Bunny ears and tails. They come in three positions: Up, back and against the back of the head, for dommy, subby and super subby. They also come with stylish silver piercings, both along the edges, some pierced through both ears to bind them together, and some along the tips carrying chains and festive ribbons. Also there are two varieties of fluffy bunny tail plugs that plug into the... well... you know.

There are four colors: White, Black, Pink and Blue.

Next we have the traditional Dark Eden holiday dildo: What could go better with bunny ears than a big carrot to nibble on! This one comes in two sizes for ease of fitting, and includes a thick carrot strapon and a nice big carrot plugin tail. What could be more festive than that! Show your favorite bunny girl you care with the Dark Eden Easter dildo!

All five products are available now at the Dark Eden main store and are 1L each! So they aren't quite freebies but practically. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dark Eden GIrl: March

We are proud to announce the Dark Eden Girl Finalists for March '08! We are continuing to use the wonderful voting machines from A2Z Labs which served us so well last month. Once again, our finalists submitted both a screenshot and notecard detailing their outfits. We had a lot of really wonderful submissions this months making it extremely difficult to narrow it down to just four finalists. We have two returning dark eden girl finalists, Ashland Beck and Shay Daviau, good luck girls!

Now without further ado, here are our March Finalists!



skin: (CS) Vogue Skin - Cashmere Freckled

hair: 0 Style Pompadour Red

eyes: DDD Serenity Eyes - Blue

hair: Daini Ken Hair Adornment - sky/dk blue

tattoo: Skin Deep - Asian Shoulder Tattoo


Oshun Top - Absinthe

Oshun Thong - Absinthe

Oshun Loin Cloth - Absinthe

Oshun Collar Necklace - Absinthe

Oshun Arm Bands - Absinthe

Oshun Boots - Absinthe



Skin-Minnu Tan Dark-Shoot

Shape- Taking Shape-Ash Shape- By Jewell Munro

Eyes- Emortal EyeZ-Green Envy- By Mcooter Graves

Hair-[DE]- Etain's Second Hair Crone- White


[DE]-Absynthe Anath Mega Set



Skin: Cake - Jessica - Pearl - Spoiled , from Cake

Hair: ::Nadine touchfit , from MAU's & MEJ's

Eyes : *an*shiny_eyes_RubyRed_Lsize , from *Petit Ange*

Nails : *an*nail_purple_gloves , from *Petit Ange*


Outfits : LH_Lovely_Witch_Hard_Pink , from LITTLE HEAVEN

Boots : Lilith Mega Set Nocturne , from Dark Eden

Nocturne Straps Socks

Purple Lilith Boot

Purple Lilith Thigh

Purple Lilith Upper Arm


Hat : LH_Arch_wizard_hat_Hard_Pink , from LITTLE HEAVEN

Wand : LH_Lovely_Magic wand_Pink , from LITTLE HEAVEN

*an*Rosary_Wings_silver_Earring , from *Petit Ange*

*an*Rosary_Wings_silver_Necklace , from *Petit Ange*



Hair- Alienor(fire), Deviant Kitties Shop

Skin- RL Bridget Day 3 tanlines, Realistic Life Skins

Eyes- Emerald Forest, Wild Lilies Eyes

Pubic Hair- Red bikini-style, Bolessa's Bushes


Teeny Primkini Midnight, Dark Eden

Z's Russian Sable Attila Fur Hat, Ookami Ningen

Z's Russian Sable Flexi Cloak, Ookami Ningen

Good luck to all our Finalists. They are competing for our 2000L monthly prize and the chance to enter the Dark Eden Girl of the Year 2008 contest with a grand prize of 10,000L! The 2007 Girl of the year contest is coming up soon, watch for it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get the Look: Jacket / Skirt Set

I'm experimenting with a new store feature at Dark Eden, a mashup display built into the store with a handy 'get the look' feature above with fat packs of all the parts laid out around a mashup picture. For our first feature, we did a mashup using a lot of my most recent designs to put together a very urban / harajuku style look ready for a wild night in a bad neighborhood. In this case said bad neighborhood is a window display of a nighttime cityscape New York.

We have two of Dark Eden's own resident Flesh Dolls, Jenna Normandy and Angelique Desade, live modeling the look in the window display. Jenna is wearing the purple latex jacket, purple kanji skirt, black metis boots and cross belly chains. Angelique is wearing the black latex vest, the sarubobo tartan skirt, black metis boots, and a few pieces of the black and red kanji straps set.
Above the cityscape display, there is a 'Get the Look' section. There's a picture of the mashup that inspired the entire setup, surrounded by fat packs of the various pieces of the two variants. In this case those fat packs are:

Latex Jackets Mega Set
Metis Heels Mega Set
Kanji Skirts Fat Pack
Sarubobo Skirts Fat Pack
Sarubobo Punk Skirts Fat Pack
Cross Belly Chains set
Kanji Straps Mega Set

And now for the mashup that inspired it all:

Skin - MM-Tan SkinGloss-Smokey
Jacket – [DE] Purple Latex Jacket
Undershirt – [DE] Oshun White Modesty Top
Skirt – [DE] Kanji Skirt Midnight
Boots – [DE] Midnight Metis Heels
Earrings – [DE] Head Earrings - Ruby
Belly Chains – [DE] Cross Belly Chains

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

TekiWiki: Transaction files track Region! Yay!

In the process of setting up for Relay for Life, an old bugaboo showed its face again. Shop owners will probably empathize with this. When you download excel files from the SL website, it doesn't display information on what sim the sale is made. Why does this matter? Well when you have a lot of shops in a lot of sims, it can be really helpful to see how much is made where and why. While trying to come up with a way to track my sales from the RFL sims, I was again made aware that no regions were listed on my transaction files.

I decided to search an old Pjira about this and I was thrilled to see that it seems like its being fixed! Web-104 “Downloaded transactions do not include Region” was marked as Fix Pending! I went out and tried downloading my latest transactions and sure enough, it was already updated! Thanks Linden Lab, this will make tracking transactions and sales SO MUCH easier!

I don't know about the rest of you but this is cause for the Etain to dance!

Dark Eden at Relay for Life

Relay for Life '08 is in full swing, as if I need to tell anyone. What might be news is that for the first time, Dark Eden is a part of the action. I've always wanted to participate but one thing or another always got in the way. This year everything was clear and I took the plunge. Nevar and Pips and Harold and the rest of the RFL team have been amazing and helpful and put up with my newbie uncertainties setting up my shop.

The store gives me enough prims that I swear I have half my merchandise there and while I am not allowed to tell you the exact amount, I am making a personal donation of part of my sales as well as have my RFL vendors going 100% to RFL. I CAN tell you this has been a huge success and I am proud I am part of RFL!

I have three items that give 100% of sales back to RFL: The pink Latex Jacket for 200L, the pink cephalopod silks for 250L, and my RFL themed belly chains for 150L. They're affordable and the money goes to a great cause. What more could you want!

These items will also be available in my store, but I highly recommend you go to the RFL sims and check them out. My store is in the corner of Rezzable Explore, or the summer sim.

New at Dark Eden: Latex Jackets

Purchase Inworld
Purchase Online

I did not set out to make this jacket, it was supposed to be part of a greater upcoming set, but I went where the prims took me and the Latex Jacket set is the result!

This is a jacket/vest combo done in a latex texture in nine vibrant colors: black, blue, gold, green, grey, pink, purple, red and white. It has buckle straps that remind me somehow of old school battlestar galactica. A friend described this as Japanese biker jacket, and it does have a certain japanese sensibility, doesn't it? It comes in two sizes, regular and small, to help you fit it to yourself.

It is almost totally sculpted prims from the wonderful prim packages sold by Cel Edman and Sae Luan, though there are a few non sculpties stuck in there. They are also, FOR ME anyway, very prim light, the main jacket is only 44 prims, and the sleeve parts come in at 3 for the uppers and I forget for the lowers. I liked the simple elegance of it and I thought others might as well.

The fat pack with all nine colors is 1000L, while each individual color is 200L.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing Fashionista: Taking Candy from Strangers at DMMDI

Once again I'm putting on my fashionista cap because I want to tell you about a great new product made by my friend Charissa Korvin, the infamous Archdemoness of City of Lost Angels. She has created a decadent candy treat to tempt us mortals with: her new line of Soda Pop Candy fetish heels. Though a radical design departure for her, they somehow fit in perfectly with the style at her fabulous store, Devil Made Me Do It (DMMDI).

I liked them so much I felt like I had to rush out and tell you all about them! The shoes are classical platform stiletto heels, made with an actual stiletto blade! There is a 'horned' style lacework detail that adds a strangely devilish touch to the shoes. The touch I love best, however, is the lush leather texture.

These shoes are perfect for a wild fetish outfit, but they are elegant enough to provide a wicked kick to more traditional outfits as well. I know I'll be using them quite a bit.

The Soda Pop Candy heels are sold individually for 250L. These packs include one color choice in both open toed and closed toed varieties. They are also available in a Closed Toe 12 pack and an Opened Toe 12 pack, each for 1000L.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mashup Madness: Circe Timtam

I've been meaning to get this mashup out for a few days now. The picture above is of Circe Timtam of Timtam and Rust. She's also one of our lovely Dark Eden dancers that puts the sizzle in our Dark Eden Girl parties. Thankfully she showed up early at the last party and I had a chance to snap some pics of the wonderful little 'stripper' outfit she put together. It struck me as a very sexy kinky and fun post apoc neko style outfit, and I thought I would share the look with the SL world.

As you can see there's all sorts of odd attachments that one normally wouldn't think of when dressing up for a night as a sexy dancer, but it all works, in my mind, much more than a lot of supposedly sexier outfits have.

Here's the obligatory list o stuff:

Skin: TaP Vivant Almond Feline 1 from Tete a Pied (now called Fleur Skins)
Penelo Hair in Black Punk from Devious Kitties

Right Gauntlet & Upper Arm L bands from the Lilith Mega Set at Dark Eden

Chain 'em Up Boots fromCats 'n Neos
Unmentionables (bra & panty sets) from Gritty Kitty
Nezumi Belt from Electro Kitty
Mismatched Old Socks in Rainbow Purple from Canimal
Tuna Holster from Catnip
Candy Necklace from Kru's Boutique
Hybrid Identity Ring - Neko F (necklace) from Hybrid

Monday, March 10, 2008

New at Dark Eden: Belly Chains

Purchase Inworld
Purchase Online

While I take a break from a big new project I am working on, I took some time to put together a few quick fun accessories that I hope you will enjoy: Belly chains! There are two chain builds, one for your waist in the place of a belt, one around your stomach. The chains also come in two sizes to hopefully make it easier to fit upon most waistlines. Further, the chains come in three color choices: silver, gold and black iron.

So far I have made two styles. The first has a simple and elegant pentacle perfect for the pagans out there. If you swing that way I suppose you could also select all the prims of the pentacle, rotate a little, and have a slightly more infernal style.

I also made one with a cross made of some of Cel Edman's wonderful sculptie shapes. The central two prims of the cross have the ever popular color change script built into them so you can personalize it a bit. It follows the standard command: /4 cross (color name) to change it. A notecard included in the package lists the many color options.

Each package also includes the basic chain you can wear for a simple look or use as a base to put your own 'charms' upon.

Each belly chain pack includes 24 chain variants and costs 100L.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dark Eden Girl February: Solange Korobase

Congratulations to Solange Korobase, our newest Dark Eden Girl! She has entered before and come close to pulling it off, this time she made it! The Erebus Set never looked so good.

This also means we are officially accepting entries for March. Let me say a few quick things about entries now. First, Solange is proof that we allow you to keep entering until you win. Second, we have been playing with the rules a bit lately and ask you to submit your entries in the following way:

  • Take a screenshot of yourself in world.
  • Write up a notecard describing all the clothes, skin, hair, etc you are wearing and where they are from.
  • Attach the screenshot to the notecard (just drag and drop it in!)
  • Send the notecard to Alexander Stygian.
Its just that simple. I know its a bit of an extra complication but I think its worth it.

Congratulations to you again Solange! You earned it!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

This Saturday: Dark Eden Girl Party with DJ Nethermind

Join us this Saturday, March 1st at 8pm to 10pm + at the Yume Club in Dark Eden. We'll be naming (Crowning? I need to make a crown and flowers and one of those banner thingies over the chest) the Dark Eden Girl for February 2008. While we get the last few votes in during the party, we will be grooving to the wild, sensual sounds of DJ Nethermind! We had such a great time last month we are really looking forward to what Nether does for us this time.

This month we are using a brand new and very cool voting machine from the great guys at A2Z Labs. They make voting a breeze and are so easy to handle even I can manage it. One of the most interesting features is they allow me to set up all sorts of separate votes using the same basic machine. To that end, I've created two polls to help gauge the interests of all my Dark Eden Girls and Guys. The poll machines are down in the usual spot near the center of the Dark Eden Main Store.

Here are the two polls:

Dark Eden should make more:
  • Boots
  • Outfits
  • Skirts
  • Accessories
  • Fetishwear
  • Mainstream Gear
  • Fantasy Gear

My favorite style is:
  • Vanilla / Mainstream, not too weird
  • Fetish, I've been bad
  • Extreme Fetish, the harder the better
  • Japanese Street, I want to go to Harajuku!
  • How about some god damn MENS WEAR Etain? Sheesh
  • Post Apocalypse / Grunge Kitty
  • Demonian or Vampiric, I love the darkness
  • Gothic Loli, I like the victorian wickedness
  • Anything Neko makes my tail shiver

These polls have been out a few weeks now and the results have been verrrrry interesting!

Please come down and join us and DJ Nethermind and all the beautiful Dark Eden Girl finalists for a wild sexy and possibly kinky time!