Monday, December 22, 2008

Dark Eden Girl Finalists

Happy Holidays from Dark Eden! We are proud to present our latest Dark Eden Girl Finalists! Congratulations to all the girls, and good luck! Voting is now open at the main store in Olive!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FREEBIE: Candy Cane Strapon

Its a tradition at Dark Eden to release a holiday themed sex toy at each of the major holidays. It all started several years ago with the semi-infamous Candy Cane Strapon! (We try to have a sense of humor with our pervitude) I've pulled it out of storage, dusted it off, and put it back up. Its a freebie, available in our store for the holidays and up at Onrez year round now. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dark Eden Girl: Achariya Maktoum

Congratulations to our new Dark Eden Girl: ACHARIYA MAKTOUM! The voting was achingly close this month so congratulations are in order not just to the fiery Achariya, but to all four of our lovely contestants. We hope to see more from them all soon! We will be picking four new finalists soon, so you don't have much time to get your entries in!

Friday, December 12, 2008

NEW: Shibari Xmas Sets

Our latest Christmas release is our Shibari Xmas rope set, in festive red or green holiday ribbons. They come complete with silver bells wrapped in holly to add an xmas touch. The Shibari Xmas Sets are 250L each and come in two color options.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

NEW: Demon Jar and Potion Earrings

Complementing our Magician line are new magic flavored earrings. The Demon Jar Earrings are purple or red potion bottles with a reinforced metal cap. Potion Earrings are red or green potion vials with a cork cap. Each set is 100L and includes two styles of earrings.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

NEW: Lilith Holiday Boots

Its December so its time for some Dark Eden Holiday Gear! Juiced up for the Holidays, our favorite Lilith Boots have been wrapped in red string, holly, and silver bells! Available in black for 200L. Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 24, 2008

NEW: Technomancer Hair Pins

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Technomancer Hair Pins are now available! They come in the usual four styles (Slave, Pet, Neko, Mystek). Each pack also has two styles. One intended to be used by itself, and two made for simultaneous use. Hope you enjoy!
The Technomancer Hair Pins are 150L each.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dark Eden Girl Finalists!

Dark Eden Girl Finalists have been chosen again! Congratulations to the lovely Achariya Maktoum, Claire Dallin, Oceanna Lorefield and Zanna Boucher. Voting is open at the Olive Store so please stop by and pick your favorite girl!

Monday, November 17, 2008

NEW: Technomancer Earmuffs

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Another winter/holiday release, these earmuffs are done in the Technomancer style with a holiday twist. They are high tech metallic chromed earmuffs complete with a digital display on the earmuffs. The central ring says “Let it” and rotating around it is a track that says, “Snow snow snow...” The earmuffs come in four colors: white, red, blue and green.

The Technomancer Earmuffs are 100L each.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dark Eden Girl: Aranel Ah

Congratulations to our new Dark Eden GIrl: ARANEL AH! It was hard to choose this month all four girls were astounding so I hope we see more from all of you in the future! We will be picking four new finalists tomorrow night so get those entries in!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

NEW: Magician's Library Pack

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We're in a witchy mood at Dark Eden lately and witches, sorcerers and magicians need spellbooks! So we have released eleven new eldritch tomes for the spellcasters out there. They include dark and forbidden tomes like the Necronomicon, wiccan/pagan Books of Shadows (in appropriate Maiden, Mother, Crone color schemes), generic “Books of Spells” for the roleplayers, and one tome tied to City of Lost Angels, the “Tome of Knowledge” (thank you for permission to create this, leaders of the Clan, you know who you are!). Each book is lushy detailed with rusty metal bindings and straps, with a thick lock to protect your secrets from those who would steal them. Each set includes two left thigh strapped books with either black or brown strapping, and handheld books for the right and left hand.

The Magician's Library Pack comes in 11 volumes, each at 200L, or 1100L for the entire library!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dark Eden Girl: A Time for Choosing

There's only a few days left to vote for your favorite Dark Eden Girl! It will be painful to pick one this month since all four are gorgeous and more than worthy of the time. Please come by the main store in Olive to help me make this difficult decision! Voting is tight so you could make the difference!

NEW: Magician's Belt

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The Magician's Belt is a thick leather belt in black or brown with rusted straps and detailing. The belt includes a plethora of magical accessories: four different scrolls, two potions, two demon jars, and one big satchel to store all your supplies. It comes with two attachment points, stomach and pelvis. The set also includes separate 'display' versions of each scroll, potion and jar as well. This is perfect for a roleplay sim near you, whether its fantasy, post apoc, dark rp or shinobi.

The Magician's Belt is 200L and comes in two color options.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NEW: Scarf Set

In the spirit of the winter season, I've come out with a few cute wool scarves made with Cel Edman's wonderful Sculptie packages. (check them out if you haven't yet). These lushly detailed wool scarves come in two patterns, one plain, the other striped, and in two attachment points, chest and spine. That makes four scarves in each package!

The scarf set comes in nine colors at 100L each or 450L for the mega set.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

NEW: Rust Shaman Bindi

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The latest addition to the popular Rust Shaman line is this cute forehead Bindi. Bindi are forehead decorations made popular in India and found throughout south Asia. I've taken the bindi concept and warped it to be something appropriate to the post apoc / grunge kitty / neko look. Two rusty metal gears are bound together by thin metal strips shaped like a pentagram.
According to my secret occult library (Wikipedia), “the area between the eyebrows (where the bindi is placed) is said to be the sixth chakra, ajna, the seat of "concealed wisdom". According to followers of Tantrism, this chakra is the exit point for kundalini energy. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It is also said to protect against demons or bad luck. “
The Rust Shaman Bindi comes in 3 colors (light, medium and dark rust) and 2 attachment points, chin and mouth. Each color is 50L.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Subscribe O Matic Ho!

With the new changes to Subscribe o Matic, it was clearly the right time to jump in headfirst and get a brand spanking new Dark Eden Girls Subscribeomatic group going! As a bribe... err gift to new members, I'm sending out the lovely Metis Triple Blade Skates in white to all new members, so sign up while you can! This allows you to combine three wonderful things: skating, the winter season, and hot fetishy boots! Be the kinkiest girl on ice with Dark Eden! Vendors are available in the main store in Olive.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEW: Metis Skates, Plus Updated Freebie Chairs!

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I am happy to announce the re-release of our first Dark Eden Winter Season item: The Metis Triple Blade Skates! These are based on our popular Metis Heels, but modified for hot fetishy ice skating action with three long slender blades to keep you on the ice. The skates provide a complete walk replacer to allow skating over any surface.

The Metis Skates come in eight colors and are 150L each.

Also, the freebie chairs in the store have been updated. If you don't feel like spending 150L, you can camp for 45 minutes and get your very own Metis Skates in black. Also for 30 minutes, you can get a shiny new... errr rusty old Rust Shaman Mantle!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NEW: Witches Hat Mega Set

As probably my final Halloween release for the season, I am proud to announce the Witches Hat Mega Set! These funky anime witches hats are based around my very first foray into making my own sculptie prims. They have a wide brim and a very skewed point that drifts somewhere behind your head. Filling out the witches hat are a spooky skull, a few perilous pumpkins and of course lots of rusted metal piercings all over the place for good measure! There are two seperate designs, the basic model for a sleek clean look and a deluxe edition which adds lots of feathers and ofuda paper strips.

The Witches hat comes in eight colors and two attachment points. Basic and Deluxe editions are sold separately at 100L each. All eight colors and two styles are sold in one massive mega pack of 32 hats which sells for only 800L!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New: Pumpkin Outfits

Just in time for Halloween, we have released three new pumpkin colored products: The Pumpkin Stomps, the Pumpkin Demiboots, and the Pumpkin Harness. These products will only be available through the Halloween season.
The Pumpkin Stomps are a fun new set of extreme platform boots. They feature an insanely thick platform with a thick raised heel fused at the soles for a very unique look! Wrapping up the legs are a long series of mini leather belts and buckles. This set comes in 14 colors, the eight usual and six brighter colors appropriate for a night in Harajuku! The Pumpkin Stomps are 100L.
The Pumpkin Demiboots are a pair of short and spunky leather bootlets wrapped up bunches of thin belts with tiny steel buckles. Their pointed toe and extreme curved stiletto heel design gives an edge to their playful feel. The Pumpkin Demiboots come with prim lower leg and foot attachments and the boot shape shoe layer. They cost 100L.

The Pumpkin Harness is a decadent bdsm harness set of thick leather straps wrapped around the entire body and lined with metal studs. It contains 16 prim attachments with a few being large versions. Like most Dark Eden sets, the Pumpkin Harness is lockmeister compatible for all your fetishy desires. The Pumpkin Harness Set costs 150L.

We put it all together in a Day of the Dead themed outfit perfect for any Halloween party.

shoes – Dark Eden Pumpkin Stomps
arm bands – Dark Eden Pumpkin Harness
shirt – Dark Eden Black Cephalopod Cami
hair - Deviant Kitties - Sash - Black
Skin - Redgrave, Moon Tan Skin/Black
Earrings & Ring - Comme il Faut - Carmen Macumba ( Halloween Treasure Hunt gift!)
Skirt - *katat0nik* (black) Dia de los Muertos Dress

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dark Eden Girl Finalists

Its that time again already! We have four incredible finalists this month for Dark Eden Girl! Voting is now open in our main store in Olive, so please drop in and pick your favorite.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DARK EDEN GIRL: Rachael Fraisse

We have a new Dark Eden Girl! It may be one day late, but I am proud to announce that this month's Dark Eden Girl is none other than the dark and lovely Rachael Fraisse! Congratulations Rachael!
Since our latest Dark Eden Girl has been chosen this means four new contestants will be chosen (hopefully) tonight and will be posted for your votes tomorrow morning! Look for them!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dark Eden Girl Announcement Monday

Its almost time to announce the next Dark Eden Girl! The announcement will go out Monday so this weekend is your last chance to get in and vote for your favorite girl! Good luck to all four of you!