Friday, June 13, 2008

NEW @ Dark Eden: Bottled Imp, Bottled Fairy

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The latest from Dark Eden are our new Bottled Imp, Bottled Fairy and Shoulder Imps sets. These sets all focus on miniature sculpted fairies and imps which ride on your shoulders, your head, or even around your neck in a bottle! Both the Bottled Imp and Bottled Fairy are magically sealed into glass bottles reinforced with black iron and sealed with ofuda-like magickal papers. The bottles are hung from your neck by thick rope. I threw in display sets of the bottled fairy and imp for those that would rather keep their critters on their shelf instead of around their neck. I liked the little ofuda magic strips so much that I made an earring set out of them to accompany the bottle.

As a complement to the bottles, I have made a set of cute little demonic imps that will ride around on your shoulder with you. Four imps are included in this set, two for each shoulder. The red skinned little imps come in two varieties: bound demons complete with miniature shackles and chains, and 'happy' imps who are happy because they are free from bondage!

All three sets are combined with my previous Shoulder and Head Fairies into the Good n Evil Set. This big set costs 300L and includes 4 Necklaces, 2 Display pieces, 2 earrings, 4 shoulder imps, 4 shoulder fairies and 1 set of fairies on your head.

The Bottled Imp Set costs 150L and includes two necklaces, one display, and two earrings.

The Bottled Fairy Set costs 150L and includes two necklaces, one display, and two earrings.

The Shoulder Imps set costs 100L and includes four imps.

The Shoulder Fairies set costs 100L and includes four fairies.

Finally the Head Fairies costs 100L and includes one set of three fairies cavorting on your head.


Ann Launay said...

Any chance you'll be putting the other sets on OnRez?

Dark Eden said...

All sets are up now! My bad!