Thursday, July 3, 2008

NEW: Ofuda Set

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Dark Eden is proud to present the Ofuda Set made up of cloth strips inscribed with magical symbols and writing. They are used as a bikini covering the breasts and nether regions. Also included are matching tintable tattoos done in the same magical script.

A traditional Ofuda is a paper or cloth talisman issued by Japanese Shinto shrines. They are usually placed on a door, pillar, ceiling, or inside a private shrine and are believed to provide protection to the residence and anyone living within it.

Ofuda are very popular in anime, most notably in Sailor Moon and Naruto. They act as carriers for magic spells, activated either when placed on or removed from their target depending on the spell, which can include freezing people in place, dispelling demons, protection, or Charm/domination.

In this context, your new Ofuda set could be looked at many different ways. They could be an anti tentacle spell of protection for the naughty bits, some kind of evil wizard control/pleasure spell, or something to touch to activate some power. Use your own creativity.

The Ofuda Set costs 150L per color or 750L for all ten colors. They include bikini top attachments with three sizes and two attachment points, bikini bottom attachments in two sizes and two attachment points, two earring attachments and seven tattoo clothing layers.

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