Monday, August 18, 2008

NEW: Rust Shaman Mega Set

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Dark Eden is back and trying out a little post apoc / steampunk action. Imagine if you were dropped into the Wasteland and really wanted to wear silks, but all you could find was rusty gears, torn burlap and miles of weathered wire? That's the genesis of the Rust Shaman set. Perfect for a night on the town in the finest bombed out wastelands or Steampunk slave ships. It comes in three rusty color combinations: light, medium and dark. There are twelve pieces with ten attachment points. The loincloth and chest come in two sizes to make it easier to fit to your shape. There is a pentagram theme to many of the pieces adding a mystical touch to the silk set.

The photo of the Rust Shaman set above was taken in one of our favorite Wastelands sims, The Great Fissure, on a gorgeous plot owned by Dewitt Zeiler. You can find it at The Great Fissure, 186, 19, 67.

The Rust Shaman set comes in three color sets each at 300L or one mega set of all three colors for 600L.

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