Friday, March 20, 2009

Dark Eden Girl Finalists!

We have four lovely Dark Eden Girl Finalists waiting for your votes! For those unfamiliar with our little contest, you can visit the main Dark Eden store in Olive, go into the outfits building and cast your vote on a voting machine for your favorite girl. Here are the four finalists:

Now a quick note. We are changing the way we accept submissions to this contest, and a few of the rules. Instead of sending in a screenshot and notecard, we have set up a flickr group! I will be posting another post later today outlining the new rules and submission guidelines!


Anonymous said...

hey how about having shay offer to pay us to vote for her? Was very uncomfortable when i was IM'ed. Not to mention a little unfair to the other contestants.

Anonymous said...

Shay stop offering*

Dark Eden said...

That's a shame.