Thursday, December 10, 2009

NEW: Shower Tub Set

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Originally intended for the roleplaying set, the [Dark Eden Living] Tub Set is an old rusted out tub placed under a leaky pipe with a conveniently placed tub mat and towel. Its perfect for an impromptu shower in the local bombed out cityscape, squat, or rundown home of your preference.

The Tub Set sells for 175L for the Bathing Tub, 50L for the Leaking Pipe, 25L for the Tub Mat, or 225L for the entire set.

Going along with it is the Rustic Wall Lantern, which gives a nice ethereal glow to the entire shower area. It is amazing looking especially when you realize its only six prims! The Rustic Wall Lantern sells for 100L.

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