Friday, February 15, 2008

New from Dark Eden: Edentech Ocular Implants!

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The Edentech Ocular Implant package includes five different cybernetic eye colors. The eye design includes a mechanical background with a humanoid iris in front. Over the iris, a targeting reticle is superimposed in one of five colors: green, blue, orange, red or white. This is perfect for anyone interested in a robotic avatar or who simply wants to add a touch of cyberpunk to their look.

The eyes came about because I was putting together a robotic steampunk avatar for a party and simply couldn't find good cybereyes on the short notice I had. I'm sure they're out there somewhere! Hopefully you will enjoy these eyes as much as I do.

The Edentech Ocular Implants are 50L for five eyes.

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