Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NEW: Technomancer Collars

My latest project are my new Technomancer Collars. Made to fit in with a cyberpunk/dark roleplay environment on the higher edge of fashion than the post apoc wastelanders, this shiny chromed collar is replete with electronic displays. So far there are two variants, the Slave Collar and Neko Collar. Each comes with a collar display along with a front box with a little icon of their status. Its all powered by a little power node with three brightly glowing nodules in the back.

In order to let people customize their Technomancer Collars as much as possible, I included four color change settings. How this works is you type in a command, for example “/4 metal red” would make the highlight metals change to a red color. The individual commands are “/4 metal (colorname)” “/4 light1 (colorname)” “/4 light2 colorname” and “/4 light3 colorname.” There is a notecard and two textures to help you utilize your color change options.

The Technomancer Collars are 100L each and come with two attachment points, Chest and Spine.

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