Thursday, September 25, 2008

NEW: More Technomancer Collars

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By popular demand I've created two new variants to the Technomancer Collars that I released yesterday. The first new variant is the “Pet” collar, appropriate for a wide range of people. The second is the “mystek” which instead of any particular text uses mystic runes and symbols for a fusion of the magical and the technological.
In order to let people customize their Technomancer Collars as much as possible, I included four color change settings. How this works is you type in a command, for example “/4 metal red” would make the highlight metals change to a red color. The individual commands are “/4 metal (colorname)” “/4 light1 (colorname)” “/4 light2 colorname” and “/4 light3 colorname.” There is a notecard and two textures to help you utilize your color change options.
The Technomancer Collars are 100L each and come with two attachment points, Chest and Spine.

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