Thursday, November 13, 2008

NEW: Magician's Library Pack

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We're in a witchy mood at Dark Eden lately and witches, sorcerers and magicians need spellbooks! So we have released eleven new eldritch tomes for the spellcasters out there. They include dark and forbidden tomes like the Necronomicon, wiccan/pagan Books of Shadows (in appropriate Maiden, Mother, Crone color schemes), generic “Books of Spells” for the roleplayers, and one tome tied to City of Lost Angels, the “Tome of Knowledge” (thank you for permission to create this, leaders of the Clan, you know who you are!). Each book is lushy detailed with rusty metal bindings and straps, with a thick lock to protect your secrets from those who would steal them. Each set includes two left thigh strapped books with either black or brown strapping, and handheld books for the right and left hand.

The Magician's Library Pack comes in 11 volumes, each at 200L, or 1100L for the entire library!

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