Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEW: Metis Skates, Plus Updated Freebie Chairs!

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I am happy to announce the re-release of our first Dark Eden Winter Season item: The Metis Triple Blade Skates! These are based on our popular Metis Heels, but modified for hot fetishy ice skating action with three long slender blades to keep you on the ice. The skates provide a complete walk replacer to allow skating over any surface.

The Metis Skates come in eight colors and are 150L each.

Also, the freebie chairs in the store have been updated. If you don't feel like spending 150L, you can camp for 45 minutes and get your very own Metis Skates in black. Also for 30 minutes, you can get a shiny new... errr rusty old Rust Shaman Mantle!

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