Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NEW: Witches Hat Mega Set

As probably my final Halloween release for the season, I am proud to announce the Witches Hat Mega Set! These funky anime witches hats are based around my very first foray into making my own sculptie prims. They have a wide brim and a very skewed point that drifts somewhere behind your head. Filling out the witches hat are a spooky skull, a few perilous pumpkins and of course lots of rusted metal piercings all over the place for good measure! There are two seperate designs, the basic model for a sleek clean look and a deluxe edition which adds lots of feathers and ofuda paper strips.

The Witches hat comes in eight colors and two attachment points. Basic and Deluxe editions are sold separately at 100L each. All eight colors and two styles are sold in one massive mega pack of 32 hats which sells for only 800L!

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