Wednesday, October 8, 2008

NEW: Nereid Mega Set

"Aethra bore me after drawing close to the sea-god Poseidon, when the violet-crowned Nereides gave her a golden veil . . . But sea-dwelling dolphins were swiftly carrying great Theseus to the house of his father, god of horses, and he reached the hall of the gods. There he was awe-struck at the glorious daughters of blessed Nereus, for from their splendid limbs shone a gleam as of fire, and round their hair were twirled gold-braided ribbons; and they were delighting in their hearts by dancing with liquid feet.” - Bacchylides, Fragment 17
Dark Eden is releasing our first halloween costume of the season, the Nereid Mega Set. Based on the popular Cephalopod Silks, this set is reimagined as a nereid, or sea spirit/sea demoness outfit, complete with horns and optional bubbles that slowly rotate around your wrists, thighs and waist. Each is lavishly detailed with squidlike shapes covering the breasts, loins, throat and ankles as well as optional wrists. Perfect for a halloween party or a demonian look for a roleplaying sim.

The Nereid Mega Set contains 18 highly detailed prim pieces and costs 250L. Also available is the Nereid Bubble Set which includes just the five spinning bubble pieces for 100L.

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