Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dark Eden Girl March: Shay Daviau

Congratulations to Shay Daviau, our newest Dark Eden Girl! She looks stunning in the often overlooked Primkini design and also incorporates some beautiful work from our sister store Ookami Ningen. Shay is another entrant who tried a few times before getting the big prize. Congratulations Shay you earned your Dark Eden Girl crown!

This also means we are officially accepting entries for April. Here is how you enter:
  • Take a screenshot of yourself in world. MUST be a screenshot, textures will be disqualified.
  • Write up a notecard describing all the clothes, skin, hair, etc you are wearing and where they are from. Look to previous dark eden girls for examples.
  • Attach the screenshot to the notecard (just drag and drop it in!)
  • Send the notecard to Alexander Stygian.
Its just that simple. I know its a bit of an extra complication but I think its worth it.

Congratulations to you again Shay! You earned it!

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