Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New at Dark Eden: Naughty and Nice Shibari Tags

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Dark Eden presents the Naughty and Nice shibari sales tags. They are intended to be a sales tag for human property. These tags have a texture changing feature that lets you customize the message to let people know you are available and exactly what for. The 50L packs come in two color options, black or white nylon, and include collar and wrist cuffs for both hands. The 150L pack contains all color and tag texture options.

I've made two variants to these tags. The first, the “nice” tags are a little spicy but still tame enough for most audiences. They include eight messages: Feed Me, Pet, Bad Girl, Good Girl, Bad Boy, Good Boy, Be My Master, Be My Mistress.

The second, “Naughty” pack includes more risque messages suitable for a hardcore audience willing to go to the extreme: Free Fucktoy, Whore 4 Sale, Pain Slut, Humiliate Me, Use Me, Cum Dumpster, Cum Slut, Anal Slut, Public Slut, Public Property, For Sale, Fucktoy 4 Sale.

Obviously the Naughty Tags are not for everyone, use at your own risk!

Changing the textures on the tags is really simple but in case some people are confused I thought I would include these instructions.

Each tag includes a simple texture change script.

This script will change the texture displayed on the tag by clicking it with your mouse. Once clicked, the script will randomly pick one of the textures stored within the tag prim. Since it is random, it might take a few clicks to get the message you want. Sorry that's the best I can do with my meager scripting resources!

I have included 12 textures in the naughty tags and 8 in the nice tags. If you want, you can add textures of your own design to it. Simply drop them into tag prim and they will be included in the randomization.

If you have any you hate and don't want to display, simply delete them from the contents of the tag prim and presto! They'll never come up again!

If you have any further questions, please IM Etain Peregrine!

Thank you for shopping Dark Eden!

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