Friday, April 18, 2008

New @ Dark Eden: Mania Set and Boots

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"She is mounted on her chariot, the queen of sorrow and sighing, and is goading on her steeds, as if for outrage, the Gorgon child of Night, with a hundred hissing serpent-heads, Madness of the flashing eyes." -- Euripes, “The Madness of Heracles”

We at Dark Eden are proud to present our latest outfit set, Mania! The set is named after the goddess Mania, one of the most mysterious and powerful of greek mythological figures who is capable of possessing both gods and mortals alike. That mad intoxicating power was my inspiration for this daring set.

The jacket is designed as a latex body with oodles of straps wrapped around anything and everything possible, as is the Dark Eden signature, but with ridiculous amounts of spikes and chains wrapped over those! The set includes a jacket, belt and boots. It also works in conjunction with the earlier prototype Latex jacket if you want to tone down the spikes and chains a bit.

It is designed with a back logo feature, as I think all jackets should have. I figure most people will want to use their own personalized logo. The set includes detailed instructions for how to do this. Please read them if you are uncertain how to do it. I have, however, included 12 logo designs with the set which you can switch through with a simple click on the logo prim in back. Also, to help you customize your look, the logos include a color change feature. Simply type “/4 jacket (Colorname)” to change the logo to almost any color you can imagine! A list is also included with the set.

Each 350L set includes two sizes of jacket and belt and one size of boots, with 19 prim pieces per set and 3 glitch jacket layers. All nine colors are included in one mega set for 1500L for all nine colors.

Also, the boots are available by themselves. They sell for 200L per color or 900L for all nine colors.

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