Monday, April 21, 2008

Dark Eden has Moved!

Dark Eden is getting back to basics in a big way. We have discovered that bigger isn't necessarily bigger and that our island sim, while lovely, was not necessarily the best way to serve our customers' needs. So we have stepped back and as part of a larger reorganization, we are leaving our island home behind and returning to the mainland! This time we have landed near our old location in the neighboring sim of Olive, thanks to our good friends Flip and Jen! Thank you so much both of you!

The old island sim store will be open at least til the 1st of the month but the new Olive location is already open for business! All new activities, such as voting for Dark Eden Girl, Dark Eden Girl announcement parties, etc, will be at the new store.

I'm in love with the new store location. The longer I am there, the better I feel about this new course of action. I am getting back to the two things I love most: making fun and funky clothes and hanging out with my dark eden girls (and bois!). I invite you all to come down, take a look at our new direction and please let me know what you think!

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