Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wheelies Swag from Dark Eden

Sasy Scarborough has been putting together a benefit... thing (don't call it a charity Etain!) for a great club called Wheelies, I'm sure its all the buzz of the fashionista world. Well I put up a few items from Dark Eden to benefit Wheelies too. It seems like a great cause and a great bunch of folks... part of our extended SL family going the extra mile for each other.

Anyway first up I have been on a jacket kick and I made /yet another/ variant of my latest jacket design, the Wheelies VIP jacket:

Isn't it lovely. Be the toast of the club in this sleek black latex jacket. Take off the sleeves for a vest look. Take off the bottom sleeves for a 'rolled up' look! The possibilities are endless! (Well there's three options that's not exactly endless is it?)

Next I put up some boots and skirts in red and blue since that's kind of the colors in the logo. My Sarubobo skirts, since they are good luck charms and this seems like a great opportunity to give out some luck, and my new stripped boots, because I think they're super hot.

You can currently find these at my store Dark Eden in its new location in Olive. Look for them soon at the Wheelies event on Sunday! Look on Scarborough Flair blog for details.

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