Friday, April 11, 2008

Dark Eden Gives Back

We at Dark Eden are always experimenting with new and interesting ways to give back to our customers and attract new ones! I'd like to announce not one but TWO new give back programs for our amazing customers.

I have set up two giveaway chairs in our main store. They way it works is you sit in the chair for a preset amount of time, and at the end of it, it gives you a gift. One is set for 45 minutes, one for 30 minutes... that seems like a fair amount of time to get something cool I hope!

We'll be changing up the giveaways now and then but for now, on the experimental first run, we used the Grey Latex Jackets for the 45 minute chair and the Sarubobo Punk Skirts for the 30 minute one.

Also, as a thank you to all members of the Dark Eden Girls group, I am sending out the White Nylon 'Nice' sales tags to all group members. When you join you will also receive all the latest news and updates regarding new releases, parties, news, etc. I will be sending out new group freebies from time to time as well, so stay tuned!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I tried to join the dark Eden Girls group, but the sign on the shop doesnt seem to be working. i buy dark eden products quite often, either from the shop or OnRez. I would appreciate if someone would send me an invitation to join the group. ty
Liessa Nightfire