Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dark Eden Girl April: Terry Toland

Congratulations to Terry Toland, our newest Dark Eden Girl! She has an erotic, ethereal quality dressed up as one of our Medb fairies bound in the shibari rope set. She graced us with a writeup of just how she put together this astounding outfit:

I'm a huge fantasy fan and I really wanted to do something original. While I love the disturbing adorable Medb set, I wanted to shine the spotlight on something new. While wandering through the store for inspiration, my eye caught the Shibari set. My gaze went between the coiled ropes and the bound fairies in my outfit before I was caught up with glee- I knew what I was going to shoot! After strapping up and shooting, I'm happy to present my entry, "Bondage Fairy". I used a combination of basic lighting and environmental change to create the atmosphere, and the background is part of the *CWS* Photography System (version 3.0).

This outfit was created with:

- [DE] Shibari Silver Chain set (the primary focus), with some personally modified additions: a 'nice' tag from the White Shibari Tags set group gift added to the top and a mouth-gag made of the same pieces as the Shibari Silver Chain. ((Dark Eden sim))

- Personally modified dragonfly wings, created with parts from the Medb set. ((Dark Eden sim))

- Nomine's Ultralight - Glossy Viridian skin. (((Nomine sim))

- Intense Violent/Obsidian Eyes by *Sin Skins*. ((Sin Skins sim))

- ETD's Lily - Black hair (slightly modified so pieces didn't go into my ears). ((ETD Isle sim))

- Mystic-style jewelry ears in the Fairy style and Natural tones (Tarnished metal and Blush skin used) by *~*Illusions*~* ((Carnivale sim))

Congratulations Terry!

This also means we are officially accepting entries for May. Here is how you enter:

  • Take a screenshot of yourself in world. MUST be a screenshot, textures will be disqualified.

  • Write up a notecard describing all the clothes, skin, hair, etc you are wearing and where they are from. Look to previous dark eden girls for examples.

  • Attach the screenshot to the notecard (just drag and drop it in!)

  • Send the notecard to Alexander Stygian.

Its just that simple. I know its a bit of an extra complication but I think its worth it.

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Terry Toland said...

Wheee~! That was a fun month. X3

Lookie what I found: Cephalopod Skiken Bondage pieces being used on the SL homepage (when you're not logged in)- http://i26.tinypic.com/16acl5h.jpg