Thursday, May 29, 2008

Relay for Life: Jailhouse Rock Sunday

We've been having a blast with Relay For Life this year and now its time for the Jailhouse Rock! Its a fun even where some poor SL residents are cruelly locked in the hoosegow til your generous donations free us from our bondage.

Mmm... bondage.

Err where was I? This year I've agreed to be one of the victims locked up, so please come down this Sunday and help spring me from the joint! Its for a great cause and promises to be a really fun day!

Here's the official writeup:

Come on over and join the fun!

We'll have folks trapped in Jail until enough Bail is gathered to free them, DJ's rolling from 6 am until 9 pm SLT on June 1st and lots of other fun goings on!

This is a multi-team fund raising effort on behalf of the American Cancer Society and the Second Life Relay For Life, being held in the Haute Couture sim! DJ's from 3 stations will be covering the event, providing non-stop fun and entertainment throughout the sim!

Teams Participating:

Relay Raiders

SLRFL 2008

Relay Roleplayers
Relay Roadies

Some of the people you might find in Jail are........... dana Vanmoer, Dolly and Lilith Heart , DJ Dakota Christensen, DJ Bcreative Wilde, sachi Vixen, Etain Peregrine (that's me!) , DJ Natasha Leckrone, Forda Fairlane and many many more !!!!

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