Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Those Pesky ARC Costs

Well the latest buzz has been about the new feature allowing us to see our Avatar Rendering Cost. There's definitely some flaws, for example treating all prims equally when you can torture them considerably especially with torii. However, I think that its a useful feature, though one I have been a bit nervous about.

I decided to take a serious look at my product line and make sure they would mesh with this new ability we have. My customers come first and I want to make sure then can enjoy things with little or no guilt, well not guilt about ARC anyway. Dark Eden Girls have plenty to feel guilty about already, the naughty things.

With some trepidation I took some time over the weekend to check the ARC costs (is that repetitive?) of various items in the Dark Eden Catalogue o Kinkitude. There were definitely some big surprises...

QUICK NOTE: The prices listed for the various outfits DO NOT include the hairs. In the first three pictures, I included my own hair designs. Their ARC costs are listed above.

1 to 250

Primkini (52), Shibari Set (125),

Tanith Elegance (65), Tanith Engraved (149), Stripped Boots (151), Thetis Boots (176), Phobos Boots (185), Lilith Boots knee high (188), Lilith Boots w thighs (224), Metis Platforms (231)

First Hair (106), Latex Jacket (134), Metis Skirt (173),

This is the sweet spot, ideally everything would be in this category of very light ARC numbers. Lots of low cost boots from Tanith to Lilith to the Stripped Boots. There are also a couple of simple/minimalist outfits, such as the Shibari set. That's a good way to get your SO all tied up. “But baby the whole set is only 125 ARC! Don't you care about lag?” I am glad my new prim latex jacket design made it here. You can have a funky primjacket thing and still be low lag.

251 to 500

Lilith Set (280), Phobos Set (340), Stripped Set (385),

Metis Heel Boots (256), Mania Boots (391), Nemesis Boots (442),

Sarubobo Belt (299), Second Hair (463),

Okay this is still fairly low ARC as far as I can tell but not the ideal. I am happy that quite a few of my fairly heavy prim sets are still this low. The entire Lilith outfit set is only 280 ARC! That blew me away. The phobos set and the new stripped set are also very reasonable in numbers for such prim heavy outfits. The most prim heavy boots in my catalogue are the new Mania boots and Nemesis boots. It surprised me that my old Nemesis boots are so high. I guess I have to go back and look at what exactly I did with those. Why so high!

501 – 1000

Cephalopod Silks (543), Oshun Set (750),

Midori Hair (822), Sarubobo Skirt (824),

Now we are getting a bit high, into the yellow zone. The cephalopod silks are fairly low, for silks, at 543 ARC. That's not wonderful but I can live with that, hopefully you can too. Oshun is 750, probably because I used so many textures. The Midori hair is 822 which blew me away at first. Apparently hair is quite ARC heavy in general, who would have thought? That's probably my biggest surprise in all this. Check your hair. That funky flexi wavy hair you're wearing is probably a good chunk of your ARC number.

Another thing that blew me away is the numbers for the Sarubobo Skirt. 824?? 824?? I might need to try a redesign to get those numbers down, that's insane.

1001 +

Mania Set (1052), Kanji Straps (1105), Anath Harness (1139), Nu Kua Set (1143), Erebus Set 1980, Medb Set (3289)

Kanji Skirt (1342)

Alright... these are the guilty pleasure sets, numbers that I am not happy about. These are also the more roleplaying intensive sets. Going through COLA and New Gomorrah the other day, I found ARC's from 3000 to 6000 to be the norm, so I guess this isn't SO bad.

I used other peoples' hairs in the pictures here, because the outfits would look weird bald. Their costs are not included as I want to focus on the ARC costs of my sets. Also, I feel a bit awkward publicizing other people's ARC's without their consent.

Okay, I knew Medb, that's my fairy set, would be high. 3289 high... This isn't as bad as it sounds, because I don't know about you but I rarely wear all the pieces of this particular set. Second highest Erebus at 1980. I thought it would be higher actually, that's mostly due to all those flexi transparent ribbons. I might try to make a lower ARC variant without them and see how different that is.

Another surprise... the Anath harness is 1139, and for the life of me I don't know why. Its just a leather harness with chromed studs. Also shocking is the Kanji Straps set at 1105. I just don't get it. I'll have to rip these two apart and see if I can get these numbers down some! Finally the shocker for me is the new Mania set. Its loaded with sculpties, chromed spikes, chains, its scripted, and with all this its only 1052 ARC. Clearly I have to go back to the drawing board.

So there you have it... my ARC record for all the world to see. I think I came through it fairly well. I definitely have some lag bombs, but most of my inventory is very reasonable, for prim clothing. I'd be curious how other designers products compare on ARCs. Especially hair!


Terry Toland said...

All I have to say is I hope this doesn't deter your artistic whims. Continue to creative things as you envision them, and then make a low ARC version to go along with it. <3

And sell separates on OnRez. <_< >_>

Dark Eden said...

Oh not at all, I will keep selling! It is another interesting challenge to strive towards. To make the wildest things I can while maintaining lower ARC's.

I might do two versions. Low ARC and high ARC