Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dark Eden Girl Finalists: May

We are proud to announce the Dark Eden Girl Finalists for May '08! As usual, our finalists submitted both a screenshot and notecard detailing their wonderful outfits. This is a pretty fresh batch of girls. No returning contestants, no one from COLA (what's up with that roleplayers!). Its always good to get some nice yummy fresh meat.

Anyway on to the May Finalists!

Hair: ETD Couture Collection: The Unique (no longer available)

Skin: (CS)Vogue Skin - Pure (Burgandy - Smoky)

Shape: Self-made

Neko Bits: Fa Nyak Ears in White (tinted black and gray)

Eyes: Miau Haus Cat Eyes in Aqua

Outfit: Graves G41 Corset Suit

Boots: DE Eve Ballet Boots in Midnight

Manicure: Sin Skins Gliiter Manicure in Black

Outfit [DE] Midnight Oshun Mega Set

Hair Deviant Kitties Manko Black Blonde

Skin Laqroki Sofia from RAC

Photo by Kasumi

Outfit: Dark Eden Phobos Mega Set Candykill

Shirt/Pink Corset, Jacket/Pink Pasties, pants, Buckles Gloves long, CandyKill Boots, attachments

Hair: Chouli - White (Deviant Kitties by Helyanwe Vindaloo)

Headgear: CW_Bunny-headgear1 pink (Techpanty_Clockwork_Bunny-Pink)

(!H4D techpanty roborock by Wewi Yin)

Socks: scratches low body socks - Blood & Scars by Linda Poplin

Undershirt: [HS]Bloody Hand Prints - [HS]Stores by Sarah Hollywood

Skin: Detour - Lilith 3 by Keri Clip

Photo Entry: Taken on location at: ~HARAJUKUBOX CITY~ Japanese Neko, Harajukubox (141, 215, 37)

Clothes/Fairies: Dark Eden - Obsidian Medb

Skin Gala - Pale Sultry Lustrebeam

Eyes: Gurl 6 Eyes by PopFuzz - Silver

Hair: Here Comes Trouble - Pysa(black w/ texture 7 bands)

Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Face Jewel: Elements in Design - Face Jewel

Pose: Long Awkward Pose - Still Reaching

Fireflies: LaynieWear - Fireflies

Teagan sent in the following note describing the process of taking this lovely picture:

Laynie Link and I love to have fun taking pictures. I saw the calendar contest and thought it would be fun to do a photoshoot with the fairy silks that I bought from Dark Eden. I have a deep love of fairies so these silks caught my eye when they were released. So Laynie and I played around with her making all these cute fireflies. She shot this picture for me because she was in windlight and I wasn't.

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