Monday, May 19, 2008

New @ Dark Eden: Lilith Revamp

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We are proud to relaunch the Lilith Mega Set! This was the outfit that put Dark Eden on the map and I thought with the new focus on ARC numbers, this was a good time to give it a retooling. The lilith set includes prim and clothing pieces that together make an outfit of thick leather straps and shiny silver buckles strapped across your body. It is a very versatile outfit that works as a full bondage outfit, a few extra bits to flesh out your look, or just some funky boots to wear out on the town.

I simultaneously added a new prim piece to the set (waist buckles) and brought the ARC amount down from 280 to 244. Every piece has been retooled and redesigned with a lot of the tricks I have learned over the years, but this was balanced with the desire to keep the set still recognizable as the original.

The most radical change was to the foot. I got rid of some of the odd bumps and smoothed out the look and curves of it to a much more natural look. I also updated the interface of foot and ankle to make it a more smooth and natural looking motion.

The final change was of course to make the lilith outfit Lockmeister compatible like all my modern sets.

The new set includes 19 prim parts in two sizes. The old size is now considered 'small' and there is a new 'normal' size that should better fit the average SL user and not just the average Etain. There are four different clothing styles to go along with the suit. There are straps alone, straps plus a sheer bodysuit, and then both with a 'bare' look that leaves the naughty bits exposed, for those daring enough to do so.

The Lilith Mega Set comes in eight colors and is 300L per color. The Lilith Boots are sold separately at 200L per color. There is also a mega set of all eight boot colors available which is 800L.

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