Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dark Eden wins Spacejunky Killer Coat Contest!

Well actually we tied with Bare Rose, who produced a very different and very phenomenal coat for the competition. Now you may be asking, what is this all about anyway? Well this is about a band called Spacejunky, which is ... difficult to categorize exactly. They're an RL/SL band that has gotten a lot of attention from CNN and magazines galore and is busily taking SL by storm.

They had a contest recently to make a jacket for the SL video of their new song 'Killer Coat.' Bare Rose and Dark Eden tied for the top honors and both our coats will be shown in the video. For me, being considered with Bare Rose is a true honor. As some of you may know, I based much of my business model and design philosophy off of the trail June Dion blazed. It is a personal milestone to be put in the same category as her.

Anyway the coat is a semi customized version of the Mania set. Look at the beautiful picture below. It is of Shakti, lead singer of Spacejunky, taken by the very talented Izzy Cole of Cole Photography. I don't think the set has ever looked better!

Look for the new video and more big news about Spacejunky at their website or Ning ring thing.

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Terry Toland said...

Whee~! Congratulations, Etain! :D And that coat is very stunning- it's very edgy, but the silver/chrome almost has a diamond feel to it in the picture. Great job!