Saturday, March 1, 2008

This Saturday: Dark Eden Girl Party with DJ Nethermind

Join us this Saturday, March 1st at 8pm to 10pm + at the Yume Club in Dark Eden. We'll be naming (Crowning? I need to make a crown and flowers and one of those banner thingies over the chest) the Dark Eden Girl for February 2008. While we get the last few votes in during the party, we will be grooving to the wild, sensual sounds of DJ Nethermind! We had such a great time last month we are really looking forward to what Nether does for us this time.

This month we are using a brand new and very cool voting machine from the great guys at A2Z Labs. They make voting a breeze and are so easy to handle even I can manage it. One of the most interesting features is they allow me to set up all sorts of separate votes using the same basic machine. To that end, I've created two polls to help gauge the interests of all my Dark Eden Girls and Guys. The poll machines are down in the usual spot near the center of the Dark Eden Main Store.

Here are the two polls:

Dark Eden should make more:
  • Boots
  • Outfits
  • Skirts
  • Accessories
  • Fetishwear
  • Mainstream Gear
  • Fantasy Gear

My favorite style is:
  • Vanilla / Mainstream, not too weird
  • Fetish, I've been bad
  • Extreme Fetish, the harder the better
  • Japanese Street, I want to go to Harajuku!
  • How about some god damn MENS WEAR Etain? Sheesh
  • Post Apocalypse / Grunge Kitty
  • Demonian or Vampiric, I love the darkness
  • Gothic Loli, I like the victorian wickedness
  • Anything Neko makes my tail shiver

These polls have been out a few weeks now and the results have been verrrrry interesting!

Please come down and join us and DJ Nethermind and all the beautiful Dark Eden Girl finalists for a wild sexy and possibly kinky time!

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