Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Playing Fashionista: Taking Candy from Strangers at DMMDI

Once again I'm putting on my fashionista cap because I want to tell you about a great new product made by my friend Charissa Korvin, the infamous Archdemoness of City of Lost Angels. She has created a decadent candy treat to tempt us mortals with: her new line of Soda Pop Candy fetish heels. Though a radical design departure for her, they somehow fit in perfectly with the style at her fabulous store, Devil Made Me Do It (DMMDI).

I liked them so much I felt like I had to rush out and tell you all about them! The shoes are classical platform stiletto heels, made with an actual stiletto blade! There is a 'horned' style lacework detail that adds a strangely devilish touch to the shoes. The touch I love best, however, is the lush leather texture.

These shoes are perfect for a wild fetish outfit, but they are elegant enough to provide a wicked kick to more traditional outfits as well. I know I'll be using them quite a bit.

The Soda Pop Candy heels are sold individually for 250L. These packs include one color choice in both open toed and closed toed varieties. They are also available in a Closed Toe 12 pack and an Opened Toe 12 pack, each for 1000L.

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