Monday, March 10, 2008

New at Dark Eden: Belly Chains

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While I take a break from a big new project I am working on, I took some time to put together a few quick fun accessories that I hope you will enjoy: Belly chains! There are two chain builds, one for your waist in the place of a belt, one around your stomach. The chains also come in two sizes to hopefully make it easier to fit upon most waistlines. Further, the chains come in three color choices: silver, gold and black iron.

So far I have made two styles. The first has a simple and elegant pentacle perfect for the pagans out there. If you swing that way I suppose you could also select all the prims of the pentacle, rotate a little, and have a slightly more infernal style.

I also made one with a cross made of some of Cel Edman's wonderful sculptie shapes. The central two prims of the cross have the ever popular color change script built into them so you can personalize it a bit. It follows the standard command: /4 cross (color name) to change it. A notecard included in the package lists the many color options.

Each package also includes the basic chain you can wear for a simple look or use as a base to put your own 'charms' upon.

Each belly chain pack includes 24 chain variants and costs 100L.

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