Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New at Dark Eden: Latex Jackets

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I did not set out to make this jacket, it was supposed to be part of a greater upcoming set, but I went where the prims took me and the Latex Jacket set is the result!

This is a jacket/vest combo done in a latex texture in nine vibrant colors: black, blue, gold, green, grey, pink, purple, red and white. It has buckle straps that remind me somehow of old school battlestar galactica. A friend described this as Japanese biker jacket, and it does have a certain japanese sensibility, doesn't it? It comes in two sizes, regular and small, to help you fit it to yourself.

It is almost totally sculpted prims from the wonderful prim packages sold by Cel Edman and Sae Luan, though there are a few non sculpties stuck in there. They are also, FOR ME anyway, very prim light, the main jacket is only 44 prims, and the sleeve parts come in at 3 for the uppers and I forget for the lowers. I liked the simple elegance of it and I thought others might as well.

The fat pack with all nine colors is 1000L, while each individual color is 200L.

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