Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter at Dark Eden: Bunny Ears and Carrot

Happy Easter!

It really snuck up on me this year, I'm used to it being in April or something right! Well as my favorite pagan fertility ritual (rabbits, eggs, do I have to spell it out people???) masquerading as a christian holiday, I love doing Easter things. Unfortunately this time I only have time to put up the things I did last year.

I hope you enjoy my Fetish Bunny ears and tails. They come in three positions: Up, back and against the back of the head, for dommy, subby and super subby. They also come with stylish silver piercings, both along the edges, some pierced through both ears to bind them together, and some along the tips carrying chains and festive ribbons. Also there are two varieties of fluffy bunny tail plugs that plug into the... well... you know.

There are four colors: White, Black, Pink and Blue.

Next we have the traditional Dark Eden holiday dildo: What could go better with bunny ears than a big carrot to nibble on! This one comes in two sizes for ease of fitting, and includes a thick carrot strapon and a nice big carrot plugin tail. What could be more festive than that! Show your favorite bunny girl you care with the Dark Eden Easter dildo!

All five products are available now at the Dark Eden main store and are 1L each! So they aren't quite freebies but practically. Enjoy!

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