Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get the Look: Jacket / Skirt Set

I'm experimenting with a new store feature at Dark Eden, a mashup display built into the store with a handy 'get the look' feature above with fat packs of all the parts laid out around a mashup picture. For our first feature, we did a mashup using a lot of my most recent designs to put together a very urban / harajuku style look ready for a wild night in a bad neighborhood. In this case said bad neighborhood is a window display of a nighttime cityscape New York.

We have two of Dark Eden's own resident Flesh Dolls, Jenna Normandy and Angelique Desade, live modeling the look in the window display. Jenna is wearing the purple latex jacket, purple kanji skirt, black metis boots and cross belly chains. Angelique is wearing the black latex vest, the sarubobo tartan skirt, black metis boots, and a few pieces of the black and red kanji straps set.
Above the cityscape display, there is a 'Get the Look' section. There's a picture of the mashup that inspired the entire setup, surrounded by fat packs of the various pieces of the two variants. In this case those fat packs are:

Latex Jackets Mega Set
Metis Heels Mega Set
Kanji Skirts Fat Pack
Sarubobo Skirts Fat Pack
Sarubobo Punk Skirts Fat Pack
Cross Belly Chains set
Kanji Straps Mega Set

And now for the mashup that inspired it all:

Skin - MM-Tan SkinGloss-Smokey
Jacket – [DE] Purple Latex Jacket
Undershirt – [DE] Oshun White Modesty Top
Skirt – [DE] Kanji Skirt Midnight
Boots – [DE] Midnight Metis Heels
Earrings – [DE] Head Earrings - Ruby
Belly Chains – [DE] Cross Belly Chains

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